Australian Outback Programme

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Australian Outback Programme

Childcare International now offers a Jobs and Adventure Programme in the Australian Outback.   It is a self-financing adventure in a unique area and is Ideal for an animal lover!

This programme offers:
A 4 day welcome and introduction service followed by
a 5 day introductory training in Australian farm skills.
Then move on to one or more placements in agricultural and other rural jobs

Our Outback positions include childcare, teaching and tutoring, cooking, gardening and household management.  These roles normally include a fair share of work around the farm as well as working with domestic and other animals.

Participants require a Working Holiday Visa allowing a series of jobs.  Commitment is typically 3 – 6 months with the option to work continually or to take travel and holiday breaks between jobs.

This programme provides support (with access to further jobs) for the full year of the visa. 

A full driver's licence is required.

Salary is in the region of AU$ 700 per week, tax is payable at 15%, food and accommodation provided.  Whilst the programme fee for this option is higher, candidates have the potential to save substantially more than they have spent on the programme fee to participate.

The arrival and welcome service is at Brisbane Airport and in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast.  The farm skills training is based at a farm 2 hours inland from Noosa.

The farm skills training is fun, but has the serious aim to prepare participants to be safe effective workers.  An introduction is given to horse work, sheep and cattle, quad and 2 wheel bikes.

This programme is great for those wishing to experience true life in the Australian outback!

Please note that there is a Programme Fee payable for this option. 

For full information please complete the Applicant Contact Form and indicate your choice as Australia. 

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