Childcare International Support



The service offered by Childcare International is ongoing. Throughout your candidate’s stay in Britain regular contact will be maintained to ensure a successful placement.

We will give every assistance possible to ensure that your candidate enjoys the most beneficial stay.  We are all very aware of how hard it can be to settle into a new country and a new family and we ask out host families to be as helpful as possible in assisting their candidate to find friends living nearby through local WhatsApp groups and word of mouth.  Undoubtably with local friends your au pair, mother's help or nanny will adjust more happily to her new lifestyle.

Wherever we have another candidate in close proximity to another, we will certainly make the necessary introductions.  

We are committed to ensure that each candidate and host family enjoy the best possible experience and we are available to assist whenever necessary.

Each successful placement will depend on mutual understanding and open communication between both parties

Language Courses

Au Pairs generally attend language courses for maybe two or three sessions per week.

There are many good language schools for foreign students across the UK and courses are booked on arrival.

Even with a high standard of English we find that au pairs benefit from the experience and enjoy meeting other students living locally. Many of the language schools also arrange activities and outings to places of interest.

We will be happy to give any assistance to you and your au pair in selecting a convenient course.

Au Pair Core Skills Training Course

Childcare International is proud to offer the BabyEm on-line Au Pair Core Skills Training Course to our host families which provides candidates with a useful tool to enhance their experience. 

The platform can be accessed through the BabyEm website at:

Cost: £50 for BAPAA members
Course content:

Module 1: Working as an Au Pair
    • Role of an Au Pair
    • Routine and Time Management

Module 2: Child Safety
    • Child Safety in the home
    • Fire Safety
    • Child Safety outside the home
    • First Aid and Medical

Module 3: Healthy eating
    • Learning through cooking
    • Fussy eating
    • Food safety & hygiene
    • Allergies & intolerences

Module 4: Child development and activities
    • Child Development
    • Activities for children

Module 5: Building relationships with your host family
    • First few days
    • Communicating effectively with parents
    • Understanding what is expected of you

Module 6: Caring for babies and young children safely
    • How to hold a baby safely
    • Nappy changing
    • Feeding babies
    • Hygiene in the home
    • Bed time

Module 7: Managing behaviour