Demi Pair

Demi Pair

 A Demi-Pair is an excellent option for families requiring after school help, but fewer hours.


Our Demi-Pair Programme is the perfect choice for those families who only require a minimum of help in the home, yet all the advantages of having someone familiar around who can assist when needed.  

For our candidates this programme provides an excellent opportunity for full-time intensive study (up to 20 hours per week) at a recommended language school,  the chance to experience the British lifestyle and contribute to and enjoy family life.  

Length of stay is generally for the school term (3 months), but some candidates commit to two terms.

Typically a demi pair will attend English classes each morning from 9.00am so adequate time must be allowed for travel to and from the language school.   He/she would then help out in the home for up to 15 hours a week with duties such as babysitting, supervision of children, light cooking and even French or German conversation with the family.

Any extra hours required for the demi pair to be on duty should be paid at a minimum rate of £5 per hour.  Weekends should be free time.

Host families must be aware that it is essential that the candidate is permitted to attend his/her class even if the child/children are unwell or on holiday themselves from school.

The guidelines for demi-pair placement are:

In return for 15 hours help per week (3 hours per day) in the home, the family will:

  • Provide all meals and private accommodation
  • Pay NO pocket money
  • Pay any extra hours on duty at a minimum rate of £5 per hour
  • Cover the expenses (oyster card) for transportation to and from the language school.  This could cost between £25-£50 per week depending on the location of the family’s home to the selected school.   Every endeavor will be made to make this as local as possible