Live in Couples

Live in Couples

Our live-in couples are willing to assist in the home on a full-time basis (each working 40 - 45 hours per week).

They can undertake most household duties including childcare and care of the independent elderly (non-medical).

These applicants are candidates travelling under the Youth Mobility Visa Scheme with strong experience in domestic work.   Our female applicants are generally able to assist with all household duties and general housekeeping and the male applicant would be able to undertake such duties as gardening, woodwork, care of animals, building, maintenance of vehicles, driving/chauffering, etc.

The agency will be pleased to give information on salary and free-time. However a net salary in the region of £180 net plus per week (approximately £10,000 gross p.a.)per person would be expected, naturally depending on age and experience.

Full board and lodging must be provided. It is the employer's responsibility to ensure that tax and national insurance contributions are paid. We will be pleased to give guidance on this.

We strongly recommend that all salaries are agreed on gross basis.  It is the host family's resposibility to ensure that tax and N.I. contributions are paid.  We will be pleased to refer you to our payroll specialist for guidance.