Au Pairs or Day Care

A recent case study showed “children who spent more time in group care, mainly nursery care, were more likely to have behavioural problems, particularly hyperactivity”.

The study, led by Prof Alan Stein, of Oxford’s Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, found that “spending more time in day care centres, over the total period was a predictor of total problem scores”.
“Children who spent more time in day care centres were more likely to be hyperactive,” it said.

The authors added: “The findings in relation to childminding suggest that it might be out of home care rather than group care that raises the risk of behavioural difficulties.”
The researchers also tracked other forms of early years care and found benefits to different approaches.
They found that children who spent more time in pre-school playgroups – normally for a few hours a day, rather than a full-time nursery – had fewer problems.
More time with a nanny in parents’ own home predicted higher levels of “pro-social behaviour”, showing willingness to help others, it emerged.

So why not hire an au pair rather than put your au pair in after school care etc, whereby they get the one to one care, on a professional basis.

You won’t have to rush back or reduce your work hours inorder to pick your child up from school. Your child has the stability and security from that one childcarer they see everyday.

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