Happy 90th Birthday to the Queen

Well this month, we celebrated the Queen’s 90th Birthday.

The Queen is quite a remarkable lady, she is not just a “show piece” for the Royals, and a source of income for England, briniging in Tourism.

However, she very well has an input on matters that will be concerning all of soon. The mind boggling question, should UK remain part of the EU?

In a single paragraph – indeed with that single tiny word “its” – she made it plain that a United Kingdom which stood alone from Europe was unimaginable. She could have said the continent – the us-and-them formulation preferred by Ukippers – but she opted for “its”, not I assume out of a sense of ownership but because we are an archipelago lurking off the north-west coast of a greater land mass. No man is an island, or even a collection of islands. “The United Kingdom has always been closely involved in its continent,” she said. “Even when our main focus was elsewhere in the world, our people played a key part in Europe.

With all that said, we too are concerned about how this will impact the au pair business, so watch these space as we find out whether UK remains part of the EU or breaks free, and the effect it will have on au pairs coming to England.

If we had never entered the ‘Common Market’ back in 1973, would we now just be an impoverished little island standing sadly alone on the edge of Europe, gazing in envy at the success of the great project we were so foolish not to join? Or would we be living in a Britain significantly richer, happier, freer, more democratic, more selfrespecting and more at ease with itself than it is today?

Whatever your views, the Queen feels we should remain part of the EU, so long live the Queen and her views.

Happy Birthday Your Royal Majesty!