Welcome your au pair

Hello All

Hope your au pairs have arrived safe and sound. Here a few tips for both your au pair and yourself to ensure the placement is successful.

A host family has to be practical about their expectation on what an au pair should be doing. Communication is the key factor, and a happy and placid disposition within the family is always nice..

Sometimes an au pair just needs to be told what to do as the new generation has been brought up in a different manner, thus things don’t come to them automatically, but once the ropes have been shown, both parties will be happy and there will be no miscommunication.

Au Pairs too need to be sensitive to the family’s needs and work their schedule around the family during school time and weekdays as this is what they are there for.

Families need to ensure their accommodation is of certain standard.

If you are having any initial teething problems, please feel free to call our trained counsellors and am sure they will help you iron out any issues.