Struggling with Childcare

Mothers in particular struggle to re-enter the workplace due to a lack of affordable childcare.

Why not get an au pair, which is not only affordable, the au pair is intended to become a member of the family, participating in their lifestyle and helping out with light housework and childcare in return for a weekly allowance, room and board.

The Au Pair Programme is a cultural exchange for young European people aged between 18 to 27 years.

An Au Pair lives as part of the family and is expected to be made welcome as a family member. He/She is an extra pair of hands for a busy household and should be treated as part of the family, not an employee.

Duties include childcare and light housework such as cleaning, ironing, washing-up at mealtimes and helping with the children.

Au Pairs should not be asked to undertake heavy duty chores. An Au Pair may be asked to take children to and from school, assist with after school activities and supervise them in a responsible manner in the absence of the parents according to the instructions given.

In return for those duties an Au Pair will receive the following benefits:

• own bedroom and full board

• an opportunity to practise languages in a family setting

• part-time attendance at a language school (if desired)

• 2 free days per week

So take the burden off Childcare from your shoulders and apply for an au pair today.

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