Safety as Winter Approaches

We have all heard of the phrase, “Stranger is danger” and that is something that has been a popular lesson ingrained in children’s mind for decades gone.

Children are taught never to approach people they don’t know, speak to people they don’t know, or accept any gifts from strangers in an effort to keep their children safe from outside predators with sinister intentions.

Now as the British Summer Time ends, it is a good time to re-instil this in their minds as some may be walking home alone from school, and it will get darker sooner than normal.

It is every parent’s nightmare and fear – the thought of their child getting kidnapped or abducted.

We hear stuff on the news everyday about things happening, and it is our position as a parent to enlighten our children about the dangers of walking away from their supervisor/au pair or when alone chatting to any stranger.

However there may be an issue created by painting every stranger as dangerous for the child may not approach someone when they actually are in trouble and need help. Instead, parents need to teach their children the difference between a trusted stranger they can go to in case they need help, and a potentially dangerous stranger they should avoid.

The safety rules should not apply to the streets alone but should extend to on line activities too. Parents should be monitoring their child’s activities on line , and ground rules for computer time should be applied.

Just a few tips for a safer winter….

Have a great day

The Team at Childcare Internationa