Well this month’s news article is about the current on goings within the country – The Scary Clowns. The original role of the clown was to entertain children in the circus, make others laugh, and show off their spectacular acrobatic and mirth-inducing skill.

However with the latest new “fad”, we have people who are dressed as clowns, not only just scaring the public but also running around with chainsaws and knives.

As we approach Halloween, we would like all of you to be more vigilant about your surroundings, and safety is of the essence. Ensure you educate your children about the “new clowns”, and know not to approach them.

Yourselves as adults, should supervise them as well, and when they do go trick or treating this year please do keep them at viewing distance and perhaps better still give a miss to unknown homes, and stick to the houses of friends and relatives.

I hope you are all embracing Autumn and enjoying the scenic colours that the seaons brings with it, however do remember it does get darker sooner, and we should all ensure our children are safe.