International Au Pair Day

We are now ready to officially announce the first International Au Pair Day which will be celebrated on 24 November 2019.

What is International Au Pair Day ?

International Au Pair Day is a global celebration of all au pairs and their contribution to cultural exchange around the world.

Just like we celebrate mothers, fathers, families or other special peoplewe would like to celebrate au pairs. By annually celebrating together, we hope to:

  • Raise the profile and visibilityof au pairs, and legal au pair programs, around the world.
  • Recognise and thank au pairsfor what they do for host families and their children and for the part they play in fostering global understanding.
  • Unite the au pair community and establish 24th November as a recognised day of annual au pair celebrations.

Why did we choose 24 November?

24 November 2019 marks the 50th Anniversary of the release of the “European agreement on au pair placements” by the Council of Europe  in 1969.

For the first time an official set of rules and regulations was defined and established in many European countries. This European agreement still serves as the basis for European and other programmes worldwide to define the au pair´s and host family´s duties and rights.

Therefore the 24 November is a symbolic date. We remember the beginnings of the programme and, at the same time look to the future by celebrating the International Au Pair Day annually from now on.

There are no limits to your options for celebrating au pairs – but here are a few suggestions and we encourage you to share yours too.

  • Arrange a multicultural celebration for your au pairs:
  • a picnic, an outing or a sight-seeing tour. Maybe invite host families and their children too.
  • Organise a team activity which brings everyone together e.g. a ‘bake off’ or charity sports match
  • Contact us to share your ideas for the International Au Pair Day
  • Send us photos, videos, reports etc. that you create on the topic that we can share with the community via our channels