Corona Virus Update

Life here is very strange at the moment.   The Corona  virus  hit us bad here in England but thankfully the infection rate now appears to be decreasing.   We really hope that we can return to normality some time soon.

Thankfully we have applicants who wish to come to England for the summer and the period after as boarders are slowly starting to open up. 

England has never closed its borders, so if applicants can find flights, then the UK does not stop anyone coming.

However our Prime Minister announced a short while ago, that they will probably introduce a 14 day quarantine period for people arriving in the UK and this may start possibly at the beginning of June.

We would like to inform you, that under new regulations being discussed, your au pair MAY be asked to quarantine herself/himself for 2 weeks upon arrival, so please abide by these new regulations for the safety of all concerned.  

Regarding Brexit and the situation with visas, we still have no answer as to which visa will be applicable for EU au pairs wishing to come to the UK after January 2021.  BAPAA (The British Association) is  exchanging correspondence with the government on this, and am sure we will find some sort of amicable resolution soon.

Any au pair arriving in the UK before December 2020 is fine.   No special visa is required during 2020.   Once in the UK she will have to apply on the government’s European Settlement Scheme if she wishes to stay in 2021.

This means that if an au pair wishes to return home for Christmas, she will have the necessary permission to return in January.

We hope thing will gradually return to normality, we shall keep you updated with any further news.