A success story during Covid times.


We would like to congratulate our lovely au pair from Germany who stood by the family through Covid times and gave a lovely testimonial:

“Even with the Covid-19 pandemic I decided to stay with my host family until the end and I’m very happy that I did that. Family Bowman is very lovely and always asked about my well-being and supported me.
I also made lots of friends while I was here and with some I am still in contact and I’m going to be in contact with them after my au pair.
At the beginning of my au pair I also attended the language school Lexis in Central Finchley and my intended length was 3 months which I completed in the middle of February.
As I started on 19 October, my stay will be 8 months long and I would never exchange these 8 months (even with the pandemic). I made great friends, had an unforgettable time and my host family was amazing!”